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Mural Tour

Tour the Murals – New London

The Wolf River Art League has brought so much color and beauty to the City of New London with their “Start Art Project”.  This group of volunteers will continue mural installations and painting this spring and they plan to continue through the year as long as the weather allows.

Come visit New London and locate the murals by following an interactive google map, which can be found HERE! This map will continue to be updated as more beautiful art is added to the area of New London, WI!

 Adventure Awaits …

Plan a day in New London, visit the murals, have lunch on the beautiful Wolf River, and stop into our numerous downtown shops!  You won’t regret it.

“Together.  It’s a common theme in our artwork. Together we can make this community.  Together we can help each other.  Together we can build one another up.  Together we can spread love and joy.  Together we can make New London a great place live.”  – Wolf River Art League member 

Interactive Google Map of Murals

For updated information on the murals, please visit Wolf River Art League on Facebook.

The interactive google map will be updated as new murals are added, please check back often as the volunteers of the Wolf River Art League are busy adding more beautiful artwork to our city!


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